also if you’ve been redirected to this blog from one of my saved urls, despite the fact that i’m abandoning this blog i still have some sort of pride for my urls.

if you’re interested in these urls:

  • fivesecondsofgay
  • snowdrick
  • puckentined
  • stylinsoulmate

we could negotiate a trade or s/t, i’m sorry but i’m still fake & cheap as hell so like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ if you want to trade contact me at

other than that, all other saved urls you’ve been redirected from will be given up happily, no questions asked!! thanks

hi to all 481 of you who have decided to keep following me for one reason or another despite the fact that i haven’t updated my blog in 7 months (also hello to the followers i’ve gained in recent months… like?? you stumble across an inactive blog and ur first decision is to follow it??? ok)

i’m not sure whether or not i’d want to delete this blog b/c i feel like it’d be useful to keep it around just in case i’d suddenly get into this fandom again, but that doesn’t seem likely, all i know is that i’m not giving this blog away at all, sorry, although i’m not sure what anyone would want with a 481-follower messy ass one direction blog.

anyways. follow my main blog please, if you’re into humor text posts and all that jazz: alexvaused

the only funny skit tonight was the 1d one and i’m so disappointed i have never watched snl and thought it would be better…. and funnier…. and less cringey….

i think there will be better performances of through the dark there i said it


[pretentious indie fan voice] one direction fans

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